Publisher Annapurna Interactive brought four games with it to PAX East 2017, and the one that was by far the busiest all weekend was the incredible and unique puzzle game, Gorogoa. A hand-drawn point-and-click puzzle game, Gorogoa revolves around utilising four panels that function almost like a comic. You start with just one panel and as you click on the correct things within the environment you find that you can separate elements of the image from one another and stack them throughout your four panels.

The mechanics were remarkably clever and refreshing to play around with, and even though we spent just a brief time with the game, we had several different moments of "oh my god why didn't I think of that sooner?" Moving panels around to create doorways to new environments or changing the contents of a container so as the make a shelf heavier to convert it to a ramp were just a couple of the highlights in the puzzle mechanics on display.

Gorogoa PS4 PlayStation 4

Not to be outdone was the visual presentation of the title. The hand-drawn art is some of the most stunning that we've ever seen, and seeing four incredible images laid out across each of the panels inside the play-space is one of the most beautiful things a gamer is likely to see. The environments make for an incredible mix of surreal and grounded and help to inform what seems to be a bleak narrative about a war-torn nation. We didn't end up spending too much time with the game, so the narrative details are a little cagey, but we felt like we came away with a firm grasp on the puzzle mechanics. And when we were done, we were hungry for more. This writer was already desparate for this game before getting some hands-on time with it, but now that desire is so much worse. Hopefully we get more time with this game soon as it is releasing this year, and while at the Annapurna the release date was given to us as "sooner than you're probably expecting" which bodes well for developer Jason Roberts' beautiful game.

Now for the bad news: the game is currently only slated for a PC and Mobile release. The game at first glance doesn't necessarily seem like something well-suited to a console release, but in the long run it'd really be no different than any of the point-and-click adventure games that grace Sony's console. At least logistically. The game could even probably go so far as to use the touchpad on the DualShock 4 for all of its gameplay. But still, there is no word on a console release for this title. So why are we talking about it? Well frankly, this is one of the coolest and most beautiful puzzle games we've ever seen, and the more attention it receives, the better the odds are that more people will find themselves wanting this game on consoles. Not only that, but publisher Annapurna Interactive even has a few games headed to the PS4 already, so it doesn't feel like an impossibility.

Is this the kind of game you'd like to see make it to the PS4 eventually? Faff with the panels in the comments section below.