Did you know that you can change the colour of your PSN profile on the PlayStation 4 as part of PS4 firmware update 4.50? You'll need to create a PS4 cover image first, but you can find out more information on how to do that through the link. Once you've got a cover image, we're going to show you how to change the colour of your profile to match.

How to Change Your PSN Profile's Colour on PS4

Here's how you can change the colour of your PlayStation Network profile on the PS4:

Go to Your Profile Page

From the PS4's main menu, access the top layer of the menu and scroll to your Profile.

Select a Profile Colour

Click the ellipsis ('…') on your profile page and click 'Change Cover Image'. If you already have a cover image (you can find out how to create a cover image through the link), then select 'Change Background Colour'. The PS4 will suggest seven colours based upon your cover image. Pick one, and then select 'Ok'.

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