Psyonix is readying up its latest content update for its evergreen multiplayer smash Rocket League. The headline addition this time around is Dropshot, an all-new game type that introduces yet another way to pit rocket cars against a giant ball.

The objective in this new mode is to use the ball to deal damage to segments of the opponent's side of the arena floor, creating gaps in the process, which in turn become the goals. Floor panels need to be hit twice to break away, and the ball can be charged up to deal a wider spread of damage by keeping it in the air for longer. You can read the finer details here.

Elsewhere, the update sees the end of the current competitive season and the handing out of some fancy wheels for those who play ranked matches. There are also several new items to discover in the crates, Rocket League's microtransaction-fuelled bonus boxes, and a handful of new Trophies to complement Dropshot.

What do you make of Rocket League's new mode? Are you still hopelessly addicted to punting a ball around with a multi-coloured vehicle wearing a hat? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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