Ubisoft's managed to persuade Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada to sit down with For Honor director Jason Vandenberghe and talk about how the latter compares to more traditional fighting games. The result is a pretty interesting conversation, with Harada detailing his thoughts on For Honor's combat system.

Obviously, when it comes to fighting games, Harada knows his stuff, so it's encouraging to see him being enthusiastic about Ubisoft's latest. Later in the video, the two agree that one of the most important parts of creating good combat is making the player feel like they're fully engaged with what's happening on the screen, with precise controls and satisfying attacks being key parts of the puzzle.

For Honor clearly takes a lot of inspiration from the established fighting game formula, but it seems like the developer has been able to forge those fundamentals into something that's really quite unique. What do you think of For Honor? Does it live up to these more traditional titles, or is it a different kind of fighter? Don't start bashing buttons in the comments section below.