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Final Fantasy VI is an incredible role-playing game - one of the best in the series, as far as we're concerned - but a lot of the time, it gets pushed aside in favour of the 3D titles that succeeded it. Square Enix hasn't completely forgotten about Terra and her 2D adventure, however, as Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase admits that the development team has at least considered a remake of the classic release.

In an interview with Famitsu - translated by Gematsu - Kitase is jokingly asked to remake Final Fantasy VI, to which he responds: "Right now, we're working on Final Fantasy VII… The staff within the company are also saying it [that they want a remake of Final Fantasy VI], but it continues to be put off." Interesting.

Obviously, a remake of Final Fantasy VI would require a lot of work - especially if it was going to make the jump to 3D. Honestly, though, we'd probably take some sort of remaster if it ever cropped up - provided it didn't take Square Enix approximately five years to produce.

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