"This script sucks, Nate"

Sony's been plotting an Uncharted movie for as long as this website has consumed bandwidth, but the project seems closer to becoming a reality than it's ever been. That's all fine and dandy, but the problem is that Naughty Dog's denied having any involvement with the project. And to make matters worse, scriptwriter Joe Carnahan keeps insinuating the opposite.

As part of a wide-ranging interview, he told Collider the following: "I'm very happy with the script, and listen it was important that I got Amy Hennig's approval, her and Nolan North, and what I've heard is the Naughty Dog guys are really happy with it. But who knows? That could be like Donald Trump hearing something; that may not be true at all."

The problem is that writer Neil Druckmann says the developer knows absolutely nothing about the film. "Wish he'd stop implying that he has our support," the clearly agitated scribe wrote on Twitter. It's not the first time Carnahan has insinuated some kind of collaboration with Naughty Dog, and it's also not the first time that Druckmann has very publicly called him out.

The problem here is that this whole messy situation doesn't exactly portray the picture of unity that Sony's trying to paint. Look, we understand that the company wants to leverage its game brands to prop up its ailing movie division – that makes sense. But clearly it needs to get Naughty Dog involved in some capacity – this is its baby after all.

Now, in the defence of the Japanese giant, it may not have even approved Carnahan's script yet, and it may be looking to run it past the developer before it settles upon a final draft. But shouldn't the studio be involved in the creative process a little earlier than that? We'd argue that it should. Either way, none of this looks good.

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