Earlier today, following the reveal of PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.50, beta testers quickly discovered a new option within their system settings. On PS4 Pro, users found a new 'Boost Mode' toggle that supposedly enhances the performance of titles that haven't received a specific Pro patch. In simpler terms, games that launched before the Pro hit the market may benefit from things like better frame rates when Boost Mode is enabled.

Given that Boost Mode wasn't mentioned in the update blog posts, it's clear that Sony was keeping quiet on the new feature, but The Verge has managed to squeeze a comment out of the company. "[Boost Mode] lets PS4 Pro run at a higher GPU and CPU clock speed in order to improve gameplay on some PS4 games that were released before the launch of PS4 Pro," a Sony representative told the publication, officially acknowledging the addition.

Perhaps more interesting, though, is the fact that Boost Mode is already working wonders on some titles. Well, we say wonders, but really, it's just making a handful of games run at a much more consistent frame rate. There are videos hovering around the 'net that show clear improvements in titles such as Bloodborne and Assassin's Creed Unity - the difference in the latter is like night and day.

What are your thoughts on Boost Mode? Does it give the Pro a little more of an edge? Enhance yourself in the comments section below.