Oh God, that headline's going to read like a red rag to trolls, isn't it? If you're here to derail the comments, then get that snark out of your system and check back for the rest of the article. Horizon: Zero Dawn is an amazing game, but there is a portion of the experience that's not really been mentioned yet: Photo Mode.

Let me be clear here: the game would still be a comfortable 9/10 without this feature – I didn't even reference it in my review – but it is a big part of the fun. Artistically outstanding, Guerrilla Games' latest and greatest is just begging to be photographed, and the Dutch developer gives you a ton of tools to archive your adventure.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 PlayStation 4 3
Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 PlayStation 4 8

You can set the position of the camera, the field of view, the aperture, and more; once you've framed your photo how you want it, you can also apply filters and overlays, and even tweak the time of day to ensure that your shot is perfectly lit. It's one of the fastest, most versatile Photo Modes that we've encountered to date – and the results speak for themselves.

I've spent a huge chunk of my 40 or so hours with the role-playing title thus far simply logging the best moments, and I've collected a selection of my best shots in this article. Check out the video embedded above for a timelapse of the creative progress, though – and let me know in the comments section which photo is your favourite.

Are you a fan of Photo Modes in general? Do you enjoy capturing screenshots from your favourite games? Make shutter sounds below.

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