Rocket League PS4 PlayStation 4 1

One of the most played PlayStation 4 games is about to get a facelift, with Psyonix pledging PS4 Pro support for Rocket League starting 21st February. This is a full, native patch and not a Boost Mode improvement, meaning that the title will now run in (checkerboard) 4K at 60 frames-per-second across all arenas in single-player and two-player split-screen.

The improvements will also extend to the standard PS4, where the game will be updated to support 60 frames-per-second across all arenas in 1080p. Our understanding is that some stages run at a slightly lower framerate in the current build, so the developer must have spent the past few months optimising the title behind-the-scenes.

Of course, Rocket League support continues in earnest, with Hot Wheels content being one of the most recent reveals. "This is just the first of many planned content updates for Rocket League in 2017, so be sure to keep an eye out for even more from Psyonix HQ as the year moves on," community manager Devin Connors wrote on the PlayStation Blog.