Cyber Gadget PS4 Save Editor 1

Remember the good old days of Game Genie and Action Replay? Japanese company Cyber Gadget is bringing all of that back, with the PlayStation 4 Save Editor set to release this March in the East. The PC-based software, which will cost ‎¥7,800 (~$70) for a single license and ¥14,800 (~$130) for a triple license, will allow you to edit your progress for extra advantages.

For example, you'll be able to instantly acquire 99,999,999 Gil in Final Fantasy XV or score 999,999 gems in Gravity Rush 2. It's not entirely clear whether this kind of manipulation will help you unlock Trophies, but it seems like the sort of thing that Sony will attempt to ban -- after all, this could seriously break some online games.

Cyber Gadget PS4 Save Editor 2

The program itself seems well designed: you just copy your save to a USB stick, crack it open in the PS4 Save Editor program, edit the data, and then transfer it back to your console.

You can find out more information about the product on Cyber Gadget's very Japanese website through here. Is this something you'd be in the market for or are you frustrated that some players may be about to get an unfair advantage? Edit your save data in the comments section below.

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