The team over at Digital Foundry are here to potentially spoil the NieR: Automata party with their latest video, which we've embedded above. Based on final code of the upcoming release, the publication has put Platinum Games' action role-playing game through its paces - and the results are actually pretty mixed.

Automata targets 60 frames per second on both the standard PlayStation 4 - at 900p - and the PS4 Pro, and a lot of the time, it hits the mark. However, as the video shows, both version are prone to drops, with the frame rate dipping rather dramatically at points. The standard PS4 comes off worse, but the Pro also has its ups and downs, which is disappointing to see. What's more, Digital Foundry notes that the title suffers from bouts of bad frame stuttering in some areas, leading to an especially choppy experience at times.

While we doubt that these performance issues will be enough to turn most fans off, it's still a real shame that the game isn't able to run better given how smooth and stylish the action looks. Here's hoping that all of this can be tweaked for the better with a future patch.