ni no kuni ii delay.png

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom has shown gigantic potential thus far, and recent previews allude that it's certainly a role-playing release to keep an eye on, but just how far into development is Level-5's latest project? Although we've admittedly seen very little of the game, the footage that's dripped out onto the 'net has looked reasonably polished - but CEO Akihiro Hino has told Japanese publication Famitsu that the title is just 45% complete, as noted by Siliconera.

Ni no Kuni II has always been slated for a 2017 launch, but in light of this new information, we've already seen a number of worried onlookers whispering about possible delays. At this point, though, we wouldn't like to assume anything; development progress is always going to vary based on what the studio is actually working on - a game that requires the building of its own engine is generally going to take longer to produce than one that doesn't, for example. In this case, Ni no Kuni II could well be playable from start to finish in one form or another - the developer could be looking at half a year's worth of polish for all we know.

In any case, we'd take a guess that the title is aiming for the last quarter of 2017 or thereabouts, but we're sure that's the kind of window that most people will have been expecting to begin with. Would you be disappointed if Ni no Kuni II doesn't make it this year? Create your own kingdom in the comments section below.