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Much like Mass Effect 3, Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature a very easy difficulty option named 'Narrative', lead designer Ian Frazier has revealed over on Twitter. In Mass Effect 3, Narrative Mode made Shepard incredibly hard to kill - you'd essentially have to position the protagonist in front of a group of enemies and wait a couple of minutes for them to chip your health down to zero. It also upped Shepard's damage output to a degree where you could kill some of the bulkiest enemies in the game with just a handful of bullets.

It sounds a bit daft written down like that, but we certainly don't see any harm in such a difficulty level; being a role-playing property with a strong focus on characters and story, Mass Effect unsurprisingly attracts a diverse audience - and some of them simply aren't in it for the challenge of combat.

Those who are, however, may be happy to know that the Insanity difficulty level - the hardest there is - will be available from the start, meaning you won't have to unlock it or anything like that. "If you want your face kicked in by Insanity right off the bat, be our guest," Frazier writes.

What's your take on difficulty levels? Do you like to see games such as Mass Effect cater to all players, regardless of their skill? Try not to brag in the comments section below.