Get hype, people - you're about to see a whole 1.5 seconds of Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer footage. We know, we know, we can hardly contain ourselves either.

Publisher EA has released a tiny new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi sequel, showing off what you get when you pre-order the title. Early adopters will get some beefy looking space armour, some experience boosters for the co-op multiplayer mode, and a unique skin for the Nomad ground vehicle. The usual bits and bobs, innit.

However, as mentioned, the video does give us our first minuscule glimpse of multiplayer. There's a biotic woman throwing an enemy 'raider' about, and there's a Krogan smashing a 'sharpshooter'. In the top right corner, there's an objective tracker, while at the bottom, beneath the health bars, you'll spot a timer and a round counter. It doesn't look like the mode will stray too far from the blueprint laid down by Mass Effect 3.

Are you looking forward to Andromeda's multiplayer offering? Form some squads in the comments section below.