mafia iii expansions.png

If you're still into Mafia III, you may be interested in knowing that its promised trio of story expansions have been given release windows. Things kick off with the strangely named Faster, Baby!, which is due out at some point next month. Then, in May, we're getting Stones Unturned, followed by Sign of the Times in July. Hopefully it's enough content to keep all you mobsters busy over the summer.

Covered by the title's season pass, these downloadable content slices will supposedly add some more meat to the game's bones, and we have to imagine that through these expansions, the developer will attempt to answer criticisms levelled at the main release. Less cut and paste busywork, more gritty crime drama.

Are you looking forward to Mafia III's story expansions? Are you still playing the game? Don't act too suspicious in the comments section below.