Vampyr PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Dark role-playing game Vampyr is set to release on the PlayStation 4 this year, and while developer DONTNOD didn't disclose a great number of new details at a recent press event, it did reveal that the title will have four different endings determined by the way in which you play.

"The sum of your decisions and experiences of Vampyr will trigger very different endings," said the studio's Phillipe Moreau. "We have four endings, including one if you manage to finish the game without killing anyone. Trust me, that's a very hard challenge."

Exactly how you finish the game without murdering anyone remains to be seen, seeing as the protagonist needs to feast on the blood of London's citizens in order to quench his vampirical lust. It's interesting to learn that such systems exist in the game, though.

That said, this tidbit does all but confirm that we're never getting the title's Platinum Trophy. Like, ever.