PlayStation VR horror Here They Lie had plenty of interesting ideas, so it's nice to see developer Tangentlemen stick with it. The game will be getting a meaty update starting tomorrow, which will make it playable outside of virtual reality. There'll be support for the base PlayStation 4 as well as the PS4 Pro, with 4K and HDR support on offer.

But Sony's supercharged system will also now be leveraged in PlayStation VR, with many visual effects added on the new hardware. And the entire game's been spruced up whichever format you play on, with better tutorial screens, anti-aliasing, improved controller options, a Chapter Select menu, and enhanced texture streaming. There'll also be subtitles available outside of virtual reality.

And you need not worry if you've already purchased the game, as you'll score all of the aforementioned for free as part of the release's impending patch. Anyone who buys the game after 21st February will also be able to play in or out of virtual reality for a single fee. Some good post-release support for an interesting title, then. Has this convinced you to pick it up?