We've been saying this for a while now, but the PlayStation 4 really has got off to a great start in 2017. January was bursting at the seams with quality titles, and although February hasn't quite had the same level of success, it's still presented us with a slew of solid releases.

Oh, and before you say anything, no, Horizon: Zero Dawn isn't included here. Why? Well, no one but Sammy's had a chance to play it yet, and it's not out in Europe until tomorrow. As such, it'll most likely end up in March's article. Now, let's get on with Game of the Month, shall we?


Bronze Trophy: Forma.8

A bit abstract and, well, a bit weird, Forma.8 is a neat little bundle of exploration-based gameplay, as you navigate alien environments as a curious extraterrestrial orb. Reviewer Simon Fitzgerald gave this one a shot for us, and enjoyed his time with it. "Forma.8 is an aesthetically pleasing exploration title with a great variety of environments and enemies to discover," he concluded, awarding the intriguing indie title a 7/10.

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sniper elite 4.jpg

Silver Trophy: Sniper Elite 4

Hey, it's that game where you shoot Nazis in the unmentionables! Overdone testicle jokes aside, Sniper Elite 4 is just about the best entry in the series according to editor Sammy Barker. "Enormous, open levels augment Sniper Elite 4 with some of the best long-distance shootouts that the series has seen [...] as far as ball busters go, it doesn't get much better (or wince-inducing) than this," Sammy wrote. The long range warrior walked away with a solid 7/10.

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Gold Trophy: For Honor

Arguably the most original title that Ubisoft's produced in a long while, For Honor combines medieval warfare with fighting game elements, and the result is a deep, rewarding release. Always at the ready, reviewer Alex Stinton dubbed this one "an experience like no other on the PS4". It's the gameplay that carries the slash-'em-up, with Alex concluding "it's the enjoyable campaign and multiplayer combat that are enough to ensure this title deserves more than just an honourable mention." An 8/10 is in order.

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Platinum Trophy: Nioh

Team Ninja is back on the hardcore scene with a vengeance, slicing through our expectations with PS4 exclusive Nioh. Despite having a heck of a lot in common with Dark Souls, the feudal Japanese adventure carves out its own identity with a lovely loot system and some slick, but brutal combat.

"The rich loot, levelling systems, and fast, often thrilling combat do more than enough to justify Nioh as a worthy contemporary to From Software's efforts – and an impressive return to form for Team Ninja," wrote reviewer John Cal McCormick, before giving it an 8/10. Nioh rolls away with our prestigious Game of the Month award for February.

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Have you enjoyed February's PlayStation offerings? What games have you been playing over the last month? Vote for your favourite in our poll, and then air your opinions in the comments section below.

What was your Game of the Month for February 2017? (38 votes)

  1. For Honor8%
  2. Forma.8  0%
  3. Nioh82%
  4. Sniper Elite 43%
  5. Other8%

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