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Let's face it: we don't know much about Death Stranding or how it plays. Kojima's gone off on a few tangents in the past, alluding to stealth and hitting people with sticks - if we remember right - but it's difficult to picture gameplay until we've actually seen it. Still, at least we know that it's not going to join the ranks of Resident Evil 7 as a horror title, since the visionary has said as much in a recent interview with Glixel.

"I don't have a dark mindset in particular. Death Stranding is not a horror game. I just wanted to make something that looks very unique, something you haven't seen before, something with a more artistic slant to it. I'm not pursuing a dark aspect to the game," Kojima explained. It's an interesting quote, because the trailers that we've seen so far have definitely had a dark edge to them, but clearly there's much more to the title than that.

"Humor is a very important aspect for games. You play a game for a very long time – Death Stranding is a big game, too – and you put stress on the player and you lead them through peaks and valleys. Humor is an important aspect to make sure the player can enjoy playing across these peaks and valleys," Kojima continues. Let's not forget that the Metal Gear series is full of daft moments, and we suppose that aspect is going to bleed into this project.

Still, Kojima goes on to say that Death Stranding is "a new idea", and it's the game that the development team was most enthusiastic about making. As always, we're just eager to see more. E3, anyone? Maybe? Make some predictions in the comments section below.

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