As far as we're concerned, Mass Effect's trademark blend of third person cover shooting and unique class-based abilities has gotten better and better with each instalment. Although Mass Effect 3's combat was still a little clunky, it had enough punch to it that it felt like a solid step in the right direction - and thankfully, Mass Effect: Andromeda seems to be continuing the trend. Judging by the game's latest trailer, the combat system looks like a huge improvement over what's come before.

The big difference here is mobility, with main character Ryder able to make use of jet boosters to dodge, jump, and hover. Battles seem much more fast-paced as a result, and even though cover still very much exists, it looks like it won't play such a prominent role this time around. What's more, your character isn't restricted to certain weapon types or abilities - you'll be able to experiment with whatever you like until you carve out your own specialisations.

The trailer itself is probably our best look yet at BioWare's upcoming release, featuring a load of fresh gameplay footage. Mass Effect: Andromeda is due to launch on the 21st March in North America, and the 23rd March in Europe - but will you be buying it? Activate your boosters in the comments section below.