Remember those rumours about Call of Duty 2017 adopting a World War 2 setting? Well, throw a little gasoline on that Nazi bonfire, because during an earnings call today Activision has said that the series will "return to its roots" in 2017. What more do you want?

The company was quite candid about last year's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, stating that "the space setting just didn't resonate", though it did stand by the decision to allow developer Infinity Ward to make the kind of game that it was passionate about.

Speaking of 2017's title, Activision COO Thomas Tippl said that it would see the return of "traditional combat", which we reckon rules out another sci-fi epic. And given all of the World War 2 hints and the recent success of Battlefield 1, it's clear that a historical entry is on the way.