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Sony's clearly hoping Horizon: Zero Dawn becomes a hit, but how much of a success is still up for debate. A report from SuperData seems particularly bullish about the open world adventure's chances, with CEO Joost van Dreunen predicting that the new intellectual property could sell six million units this year alone – before rising to eight million beyond 2017.

The source cites great review scores and aggressive marketing as the theory behind the prediction, but we think it's a little too strong. It's worth remembering that as of last Christmas, mega-blockbuster Uncharted 4: A Thief's End had moved 8.7 million copies. But that game's part of a more established brand and has been bundled to Hell and back, so it's unlikely Aloy's inaugural outing will get that high.

We reckon the platform holder would be absolutely ecstatic should the role-playing release reach four million units when all's said and done, but it's clearly the inevitable sequel that will have it rubbing its hands. How many copies do you think Horizon: Zero Dawn will sell? Can it become one of Sony's biggest franchises? Pretend you're Michael Pachter in the comments section below.

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