ps4 pro.png

The PS4 Pro is generally viewed as a non-essential upgrade over the PlayStation 4 - an enhanced option for the hardcore user. As such, Sony has been angled in its marketing of the product, making sure not to put the supercharged console forward as a necessary next step. However, even without the kind of push that you may expect following a hardware launch, the Pro seems to be catching on quite nicely.

Speaking to Games Industry, fresh PlayStation UK boss Warwick Light is keen to point out that 40 per cent of PS4 Pro buyers in the UK in 2016 were totally new to the PlayStation 4. In other words, almost half of all purchases were made by those who don't already own a PS4, which means that the Pro's release has likely been a factor in winning many consumers over to the brand. A positive sign for Sony.

So, do you own a PS4 Pro? Did you buy one after already owning a standard PS4, or is it your fist taste of Sony's current-gen console? Do some market research in the comments section below.