So, here's the thing: PlayStation VR's not for everyone and that's fine. There are a metric ton of non-VR PlayStation 4 titles set to release this year, and given Sony's aptitude for amazing press conferences at the moment, don't rule out a dozen more being announced over the coming months. But virtual reality is still really cool, and the platform holder needs to make sure it doesn't forget that.

While we expected PSX 2016 to play host to a "second wave" of PlayStation VR software so to speak, we understand why the headset got glossed over; the Internet's a fickle place, and 30 minutes of virtual reality software would have soured NeoGAF on what was ultimately a great media briefing. Fine. But when are the new announcements going to come?

Sony's pulling a Nintendo at the moment: you can't buy a headset if you try. Stock has been trickling back into the retail channel, but it sells out almost instantly. It's a problem because it feels like the platform holder's saving any promotional activities until it's got ample supply of the system to sell to people, but it can't seem to make enough of the bloody things.

As early adopters, though, we're starting to feel the smallest pangs of concern. Resident Evil 7 releases next week, a flagship virtual reality release – but beyond that, there's only really Farpoint and a few smaller games to look forward to. Sony needs to start revealing a roadmap of what's on the way, otherwise this thing is going to wilt, which would be a crying shame.

It's not panic stations just yet; we know that the likes of London Studio, Manchester Studio, and more are all working on new games. And the indie support will surely continue to flow as the year gets underway in earnest. But let this article just be a subtle nudge in the side for Sony's chiefs: PlayStation VR still exists and it's still cool. Don't repeat the same old mistakes, m'kay?