Titanfall 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Titanfall 2 may have sold about ten copies all things told, but it's a top PlayStation 4 game. And as promised, Respawn Entertainment will be updating the game for free, starting with a new multiplayer mode named Live Fire. This six-versus-six Pilot-only playlist will focus on frenetic play, as you have just one minute to take down all of your opponents. We quite like the sound of this: it encourages aggression, with a flag in the centre of the stage giving you an alternative way to win. It's a best-of-five mode, so you'll need to succeed three times to take the W.

That's not all the new update will bring, though, as you'll also get two maps: Stacks and Meadow. Both are described as "tight, enclosed death boxes", making them perfect fits for the Live Fire mode. Coliseum mode will also get a fresh arena named Columns, while there'll be new Commander intros for each faction and Pilot execution animations. Again, all of this will be completely free if you own the game, which is awesome. And it's not the end of Respawn Entertainment's support either: it's currently working on a redesigned user interface for the multiplayer mode.

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