There are two certainties in life: the first is that we'll all die, and the other is that you can't compete with a console launch. While many paragraphs will be written about last night's Nintendo Switch presentation, the folks at Guerrilla Games will probably be too bummed to read them – after all, its big new intellectual property is currently scheduled to launch the same week as the House of Mario's all-new system. Awkward.

Horizon: Zero Dawn seemed to be on the home straight this week: a new cinematic trailer rekindled hype in the role-playing release, while talk of a delay turned out to be a clerical error. But now the game must launch days before Nintendo deploys its latest device, and whatever your thoughts on it – let's just say there's some colourful language out there – we're not convinced that the Killzone developer's latest can possibly hope to compete.

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Mindshare matters in this industry – especially when you're a new intellectual property with an unproven track record. Whether it turns out to be the best thing since bog brushes or not, the Nintendo Switch will suck all of the air out of the room – and that stands to suffocate Aloy and her allies. It's bloody unfortunate seeing as Guerrilla Games stamped its name on the date first, but things don't work like that.

Horizon's release date either needs to move forward or backwards, but it can't stay where it is

It's not just the new console, though – there's also The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to consider. It's a game that Horizon has been compared to for some time: they both share vast open worlds and mechanics-driven combat – but one is unlike the other. Even if Horizon reviews well – and it almost certainly will – there are very few brands that can compete with the kind of furore that surrounds a new Zelda game, let alone an unestablished one.

In short, Sony has some decision making to do. Everything we've heard suggests that the platform holder wants to turn Horizon into its next big brand, but with its current release date, it's not going to get off to the best start in life. The game either needs to be moved forward or backwards, but as far as we're concerned, it can't stay where it is. With the date rapidly approaching, the manufacturer's going to have to make a call quick.

Do you think Horizon: Zero Dawn can survive with its current release date, or does it need to get out of the way of the Nintendo Switch? Go tribal in the comments section below.

Should Sony move Horizon: Zero Dawn away from the Switch? (161 votes)

  1. Yes, Horizon can't compete with a new console's mindshare24%
  2. Meh, I don't know and don't care8%
  3. No, Sony should stick to its guns and just put the game out68%

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