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Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono has teased surprises for the franchise's 30th Anniversary – perhaps they'll include an actual game being patched into Street Fighter V? Speaking with IGN, the ever-jovial executive explained: "Around E3 timing, maybe even San Diego Comic-Con, we have one or two surprises we hope our fans will look forward to."

Capcom's releasing a version of Street Fighter II for the Nintendo Switch which it says will kickstart the celebrations – at $40, no less – but it's also got Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and Season 2 of Street Fighter V to promote, the latter of which will surely appear during Sony's E3 press conference as it has done several years in a row now.

One thing that Capcom's not currently planning is more Rival Schools. "I'll let you know that the surprises this year are not going to be Rival Schools," Ono revealed, crushing our hopes and dreams.

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