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The plot for Insomniac Games' upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man title has… Probably not leaked. There are some stories flying around which source IMDB, but it's worth remembering that the content on that website is generally created by the community, and is often wrong. While the site does have some kind of track record with rumours, it's better known for the things that it gets wrong.

Regardless, the blurb claims that the story will see Spidey hitched and with a daughter. The supposed summary continues that he'll go up against the Green Goblin in an attempt to save both his family and himself. To be honest, if we didn't know any better, we'd argue that this a poorly conceived gag based upon all of the "Dad" games that Sony's been putting out.

However, there was a popular series of Spider-Man comics named Renew Your Vows which explored the character in a family environment. To be honest, we'd rather see a more grown up Spidey story than revisit his origins all over again, but even if that is on the cards, we wouldn't look to IMDB for confirmation. Hopefully Sony will have more to say about the elusive game later this year.

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