Sony's open door policy has brought plenty of indie gems to the PlayStation 4, but there are times where even we can't help but think… WTF?! Take this trailer for Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, a title coming to the PS4 (and, it seems, Vita) in the near future. It's being developed by a Canadian studio named Dragoon, and seems to be going for that old fashioned PSone polygonal look.

Either way, with the greatest of respect to all involved, it looks like a student project, and the YouTube comments on the Japanese giant's official channel aren't particularly kind. "This is garbage, they didn't even try," whines the nicely named Virtual Cancer. "Is it April 1st today?" ponders NooK47. "Did this channel get hacked?" asks WeeWeeJumbo.

But the best comment comes courtesy of Traicionero G: "Sony, give this game to Microsoft. They need it more." Savage.

Update (23:30PM GMT): This game is actually out today on the PS4 and Vita in North America. Yes, it's a real game that you can play. And it has a Platinum Trophy!