Magical Sound Shower Spotify

Phwoar, here's one for those of you who wished you lived in an alternate universe where SEGA still made consoles and your humble host had founded a Dreamcast 3 fansite named Chao Bella instead of Push Square: the publisher has dropped a slew of classic choons on Spotify. All you need to do is search for the artist 'SEGA' and you'll be treated to dozen upon dozens of hits, like Splash Wave (OutRun) and The Concept of Love (Jet Set Radio Future).

The company's covered a ton of bases here, from Virtua Fighter to Space Harrier to Skies of Arcadia to Shinobi. It's essentially audio heaven, and will likely leave you looping your favourites until your Mum begs you to "stop playing with that radio [because] I'm trying to get some sleep". Remember that you can stream all of these songs on your PlayStation 4, instantly improving the soundtrack to practically every new-gen game.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you understood that Mum reference by the way.