LA Noire PS4 PlayStation 4 2

There are rumours that Rockstar's readying a remaster of… Well, er, L.A. Noire. It all started with a notorious Grand Theft Auto fansite contributor, who claimed that Team Bondi's crime drama was coming to the Nintendo Switch of all systems. Then another Twitter source – with less than 1,000 followers, we'll note – added that the title's coming to the PlayStation 4 as well, with a target launch window of summer.

But is this really likely to happen? Look, this author enjoyed L.A. Noire very much, but it kind of feels like the title run its course already last generation. Sure, it'd probably be cheap and easy to update for modern formats, but is anyone really clamouring to play it again? It was a great experiment while it lasted, but even the innovative motion capture technology seems to have been replaced by much better and more flexible tech.

Yeah. This probably won't happen.

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