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If you're worried about getting bang for your buck with Team Ninja's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Nioh, then don't: game director Fumihiko Yasuda has revealed in an interview with WCCFTech that the title will take approximately 70 hours on average to beat. The snippet comes from a conversation the site had with the honcho last year, but it's new information to us – and it's even more pertinent given the game's imminent release.

It's unclear exactly what Yasuda's referring to here; does this include all side-quests and any potential collectibles, for example? Even if it turns out to be a slight over-exaggeration, however, it's clear that you're going to get a whole lot of game here. Do you think you'll be able to stomach over 70 hours of samurai punishment? Select your stance in the comments section, and look for a gap in our defence.