Superbeat Xonic PS4 PlayStation 4 Announcement 1

PM Studios' excellent PlayStation Vita rhythm game Superbeat: Xonic will make a beeline for the PlayStation 4 this Spring, publisher Rising Star Games has announced. The definitive version of the boogie-'em-up will get you on your feet with over 65 songs across dozens of genres, include rock, K-pop, and techno. All of the downloadable content from the handheld edition will be included, as well as some new tunes.

If you've ever enjoyed the DJ MAX games or even Hatsune Miku then you'll really enjoy this one. Here's what we had to say about the Vita version when we reviewed it a few years back:

While it may be confusing and bizarre at first, Superbeat: Xonic quickly becomes an addictive time sink for fans of rhythm games. The combination of difficulty, sense of progression, and unlockable content can make it a hard title to put down even after your fingers get sore. It's not only a great addition to the Vita's library – it's one of the best rhythm games on the platform.

Will you be getting down with this home console re-release? Shake-shake, shake-shake-uh-shake it in the comments section below.