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Who doesn't love a good old fashioned samurai duel? The tension, the unblinking stare, the lightning fast reactions... It's all incredibly dramatic, and as we know, upcoming action title Nioh is attempting to recreate that classic Japanese feel through its brutal combat system. However, as with just about any game, fighting against the artificial intelligence can only take your skills so far, and we suppose that's why so many Dark Souls and Bloodborne players turn to player-versus-player competitions once their journeys are complete.

Not to be left out of the fun, director Yosuke Hayashi has told Gamereactor Espana that Nioh will actually be getting its own competitive mode following the title's launch next month. There are no real details to go on just yet, but it'll at least arrive as part of a free update, which is nice. Here's hoping that it's a good addition to the release.

Are you up for testing your skills against others in Nioh? Seize glory in the comments section below.

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