mafia iii.jpg

Its popularity may have fallen off a cliff a few days after it launched, but at least Mafia III is still being supported by developer Hanger 13. As pointed out by Digital Foundry, the sandbox crime sim has very quietly received a PS4 Pro update - there's apparently no mention whatsoever of Pro support in the patch notes, which seems a bit daft.

According to the egghead publication, the update brings a number of improvements, including a resolution boost. While said boost isn't huge, Digital Foundry claims that it's still a noticeable jump ahead of how the game looks on a standard PlayStation 4. Similarly, the title seems to load in various details that much quicker when travelling at speed.

Perhaps most importantly, though, the release supposedly runs better with this patch installed. The publication reports that frame-pacing and tearing issues have been fixed, although it also notes that there are still some performance dips in particularly busy areas. Can't win 'em all, eh?

Are you still playing Mafia III? Will you be putting this update to the test? Grab a handful of thugs and storm the comments section below.