final fantasy xv gameplay.jpg

Final Fantasy XV has some brilliant monster designs. From herds of wild animals to raging demons, the game's got beasts to cover every base, and they're all great to look at. If you like studying strange creatures as much as we do then you're in luck, as director Hajime Tabata has said a patch is in the works that adds a monster encyclopedia.

Okay, so this isn't exactly a breaking news story, but we think that it sounds pretty cool. Final Fantasy XV's a weird release in that the developer seems keen on adding as many little bits and pieces as it can through updates, and although we'd argue that some of them seem frivolous - we're looking at you, Moogle Chocobo Carnival - it's still nice to see the game being expanded upon. Of course, there's the reasoning that all of this should have been present at launch, but that's a discussion for another time.

What kind of stuff do you want to see added to Final Fantasy XV? Throw down some ideas in the comments section below.

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