final fantasy vii.jpg

Final Fantasy VII launched for the original PlayStation on the 31st January 1997 in Japan - which means that it's 20 years old today. Time certainly flies, doesn't it? The series' first foray into 3D was a masterpiece then and it's still a masterpiece now - albeit a rather ugly one.

Weird polygonal body proportions aside, it's safe to say that the release of Final Fantasy VII changed the gaming landscape at the time. It punctuated the beginning of PlayStation's dominance over the home console market, and it almost single-handedly carved out a sizeable audience for Japanese RPGs here in the West. The PlayStation brand, as we know it today, may not exist without Final Fantasy VII and the legacy it's forged.

Many of us here at Push Square remember Final Fantasy VII as one of our first RPG adventures; it showed us that games could be more than just a brief distraction - but how do you remember Final Fantasy VII? Did you play the original release, or did you catch up years later with the PS4 port? Let the nostalgia flow in the comments section below.