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We don't know if you've noticed, but 2017 is absolutely packed with PlayStation 4 games. From blockbusters to indies to the most niche of Japanese titles you can imagine, Sony's system is really hitting its stride this year. The best part is that we've got it all to look forward to, so we've gathered the troops and written about our most anticipated games. Naturally, the range of titles that we've mentioned is incredibly broad, once again highlighting the sheer amount of variety that this current-gen console boasts. Let's take a look, shall we?

uncharted lost legacy.jpg

Sammy Barker, Editor

While there were some great games, I wasn't overly impressed with the release slate last year, though even as early as January, things are looking up in 2017. I feel like the PS4 is really beginning to exert its dominance now, as there's good stuff dropping on a weekly basis. But it's a sequel, spin-off, and remaster that I'm going to list in my most anticipated titles for the year; I could have picked more, but Ramsey told me to select three, so I'm not going to cheat.

First up, I'm going with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. I absolutely loved Nathan Drake's concluding escapade last year, and even though I think the series is due a decent vacation, I'm happy for Naughty Dog to give it one last hurrah – especially with Chloe at the helm. Then I'm going to pick WipEout: Omega Collection, because I've been gagging for some anti-grav racing on my PS4. And finally, I have to go with Shenmue III; even though I don't expect Yu Suzuki's long, long awaited sequel to make it out on time, I can always live in hope, huh?

tekken 7.jpg

Robert Ramsey, Associate Editor

Phwoar, 2017's looking a bit busy, isn't it? 2016 was a solid year for games, but aside from Uncharted 4 and Final Fantasy XV, nothing really stuck with me on a personal level. Thankfully, the next twelve months are looking way more exciting; there are several titles in January alone that I'm eager to get my hands on, but I reckon that the real fun starts as we work our way into spring.

For starters, I'm hugely looking forward to Tekken 7. Namco's genre-defining series has always held a special place in my heart, and the seventh main instalment looks set to be a knockout. It doesn't have a confirmed launch date just yet, but 'early 2017' is all I need to get me hyped. Persona 5 is the other release that's got me seriously stoked, and that's mainly because we all just know it's going to be a blinder. I could go on, but I don't want to bore anyone with my hopes and dreams for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

persona 5.jpg

Alex Stinton, Reviewer

Unless there's a massive stroke of bad luck coming down the pipeline in 2017, this year is going to deliver a couple of my most anticipated titles for PlayStation 4. First is Persona 5, a game I will buy sight unseen since I've played pretty much every game in the series – whether it's a dungeon crawler, or rhythm game - since I imported a copy of Persona 3 over ten years ago. With it already out in Japan reports suggest we're in for treat when it finally drops in April, and you can guarantee I'll be at the head of the queue to pick up my copy.

The second game I'm amped for is already out on Xbox One and PC, but for some reason I'm really looking forward to getting to start over with a new Commander in Elite Dangerous when it supposedly comes to PlayStation 4 in Q2 2017. I'm particularly keen to play it on my Pro, since it can really struggle on the Xbox One at times, but I do worry that this new version will release in an unfinished state, while also lagging behind both the PC and Xbox versions in terms of content updates. I guess only time will tell.


Graham Banas, Reviewer

2017 looks like it's going to be an absolutely incredible year for gaming. There are so many games I'm excited for, but there are a few that stand out far and away above the rest of the pack. The first one for me would be Pyre. I got to play Supergiant's upcoming beauty at PAX last year and I've been anxiously awaiting it ever since. It's one of, if not my favourite developer working right now, and if its name's on it, I want it.

Another one I'm incredibly excited for is Persona 5. I was relatively late to the Persona party, having finally purchased a Vita last year just so I could play Persona 4 Golden. Well, let's just say it was worth it, and now I desperately want Atlus' follow-up. Finally, another game I'm incredibly excited for is one I had hoped to have been playing by now: Red Barrels' Outlast 2. Pushed back at the last minute around Halloween, I can't wait to get my hands on this next horror-fest. After the first game, Red Barrels have shown to me that when it comes to horror, it's one of the best in the business.

horizon zero dawn.jpg

Jacob Hull, Reviewer

There's a whole slew of great looking releases coming in 2017, so trying to narrow this down to just three is tricky, to say the least. I could do what most people will probably do and include Horizon: Zero Dawn, but I harbour fears that it will be a somewhat generic open-world game with big mechanical animals as towers that you must climb to show points of "interest" on a map. I hope I'm wrong, but if it does, it can't very well be on my list here, can it?

So, my three most anticipated games have to go to Persona 5, Ni no Kuni II, and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. I mulled over putting Mass Effect: Andromeda in instead of the latter, but with Square's divisive RPG being one of my favourite games of all time, I simply can't wait for a remaster. Persona 5 and Ni no Kuni II, meanwhile, look like two of the most exciting and stylish Japanese RPGs for years, and with prior titles being some of my all-time favourites, I'm giddy with excitement for what they can accomplish on PS4. Oh, fiddlesticks, I seem to have mentioned more than three games in this post. Oh well, I guess there's just too many for 2017.

zero escape.jpg

Jade Sayers, Reviewer

I feel like 2017 was made for me in terms of gaming releases, and it's hard to narrow my choices down (and will be even harder to get anything done this year). First and foremost is a game I feel like I've been waiting for forever: Persona 5. I'm trying to keep my excitement levels down on that one for fear of another delay, although not to much success.

I'm intrigued by Horizon: Zero Dawn simply because it looks beautiful, and unlike anything I've ever played before; hopefully it can live up to that promise. I'm also majorly excited for Zero Escape: Nonary Games, so I can force all my non-Vita pals to play one of my favourite game series and delve back into that world for myself.

resident evil 7.jpg

Joey Thurmond, Reviewer

What better way to start out the year than with Resident Evil 7, which is shaping up to be an unconventional yet needed reboot of sorts for the franchise? It lost its way with Umbrella Corp and Resident Evil 6, but has rekindled my hopes of delivering real survival-horror with the Revelations spin-offs. This looks to be even truer of the seventh entry, which has an adamant focus on limited supplies and little ways to fight enemies. This vulnerability forces you to play frugally and timidly because the tension is racked up to 11, and that's all I want from a Resident Evil game.

There are a plethora of indie games I'm interested in this year. Pyre, RiME, and Absolver are among them, but there are two rising above the rest. Firstly, Death's Gambit is a sidescrolling platformer with larger-than-life bosses and Dark Souls-inspired progression and combat. After my talk with the lead creator, I couldn't be more stoked for this ambitious, beautiful project. Secondly, Yooka-Laylee is a dream game. I adore 3D platformers such as the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, but they're rarely seen today. Knack was a flawed yet valiant effort to revitalise the genre, but I have massive hopes that Playtonic Games' will succeed with a collectathon title burgeoning with silly writing and reasons to explore its vibrant world.

mass effect andromeda.jpg

Ken Talbot, Reviewer

I'm looking forward to 2017 about as much as I did 2016, the yearly release slate is an addictive roller coaster of highs, lows, loops, and sheer drops. It's early days yet, but Horizon: Zero Dawn ranks near the top of my anticipation list; I am dying to know what Guerilla have up their sleeves with this one.

Elsewhere there's Mass Effect: Andromeda and the love letter to googly eyed mascots that is Yooka-Laylee. But If there's one thing about 2017 that has me excited the most, it's the potential return to form of one of gaming's most defining franchises, as Resident Evil 7 tries to reinvent the genre it helped create.

red dead redemption 2.jpg

Sam Brooke, Reviewer

2017 looks to be a really promising year in gaming, and easily the most promising game releasing this year is Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar has yet to put a foot wrong in my book, and judging by the trailer, it looks like it won't anytime soon, either.

Sonic Mania is also shaping up to be really good - any fan-produced Sonic game is likely to be better than anything SEGA put out, plus the return to 2D platforming is very welcome.

wipeout omega collection.jpg

Stephen Tailby, Reviewer

While there are dozens of great-looking games releasing this year, there were a few game announcements in 2016 that particularly got me excited. Firstly, Red Dead Redemption 2 - the sequel to one of my favourite games from the last generation. All Rockstar needed to do was make its logo red on social media, and I was ready for an epic return to the Wild West.

Next, Sonic Mania's excellent reveal trailer presented a return to everything that made Sonic good in the first place. After playing it at EGX, that seems to be exactly what we're getting. It looks, sounds, and feels spot on, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Lastly, and something practically guaranteed to be ace, is WipEout: Omega Collection, which combines WipEout HD, Fury, and 2048 into one glorious package. It may be a simple re-release, but no PlayStation is complete without this iconic series. While I'm hoping a brand new entry will emerge someday, I'm still excited to be jumping back into the pilot's seat for some slick, aggressive combat racing.

That's it from us, but what are you most looking forward to in 2017? Will you be giving your PS4 much love over the next twelve months? Start making plans in the comments section below.