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Let's be brutally honest here: the main appeal of the Mass Effect franchise are the bedroom scenes. BioWare's one of the few developers to actually recognise sex as a regular activity – even if the whole interspecies stuff at play is a bit, y'know, weird. And the animations are awkward. And it's all a bit embarrassing really.

Anyway, according to producer Mike Gamble on Twitter, you can expect to leave lipstick (or aftershave, we guess) on the pillows of many an NPC in upcoming sequel Andromeda. "The banging is pretty good," he said. When questioned whether it would be on par with the more adult scenes in The Witcher, he pointed out that the new Mass Effect is an M-rated game.

Looking at some of the game's animations so far, we're looking forward to faces clipping through each other as they engage in foreplay. But hey, maybe that kind of thing's sexy in space. Who knows?

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