In a new blog post, Blizzard has detailed Diablo III's upcoming patch, shedding some light on what you can expect from the game's next big update. The headline act here is the inclusion of the original Diablo, which has been remade as a 16-floor dungeon using assets from the third game. It'll feature rewards as well as "extra surprises". It even has a slightly pixelated visual style, which we think is a nice touch. You can get a better look at this old-but-new adventure in the video that we've embedded above.

The patch also brings with it a bunch of changes to the core game, including the usual item tweaks and the ability to slay jumping foes in midair. Apparently, this makes for some "epic killing blows". Knowing Diablo III's often wacky ragdoll physics, we wouldn't doubt that statement.

There's no concrete release date for the update just yet, but the blog post does mention January, so we suppose that you can expect it to launch at some point this month.

Will you be charging back into Diablo III to give this a go? Grab your trusty weapon and unleash hell in the comments section below.