persona 5 dlc.jpg

Unsurprisingly, all of Persona 5's downloadable content will be making its way West following the game's release on the 4th April. European publisher Deep Silver has confirmed as much over on Twitter, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't be missing out on all that premium clutter Japan got last year.

We say clutter, but to be fair, some of the add-ons are pretty cool. The Japanese DLC included new costumes, music tracks, and personas - many of which are throwbacks to previous games in the series. As for pricing, some bits and pieces were free, while others demanded a small fee of around 300-800 yen. We can probably expect a similar pricing structure over here, so have those pennies ready.

Do you buy into little sprinklings of content like this, or do you think that it's generally a waste of money? Get up and get out there in the comments section below.