Some of you will remember, but for those who don't, Supermassive Games' schlocky horror Until Dawn was originally in development for the PlayStation 3 – and, primarily, the PlayStation Move motion controller. It was planned to be an exclusive for Sony's illuminating wand, with the gameplay built around the 3D tracking of the globe-tipped accessory.

Of course, development was eventually rebooted for the PlayStation 4, and we received one of the better Sony published titles of the generation so far in return. But it seems that the PS3 version was quite far along before being scrapped, as this extended footage of the fearsome affair proves. Story beats remain familiar, but the production values are a step below the final product.

It's the first-person gameplay that's curious, though, providing a different perspective to the finished product in order to incorporate the PlayStation Move controller as a torch. Clearly this would have been a big release for Sony's ill-fated peripheral, but we're glad that the game got retooled for the PS4 – it's still one of the better titles available on the platform.