PlayStation Store PSX 2016 PlayStation 4 New Releases 1

Another tradition at PlayStation Experience every year is that we tend to get a batch of new releases during the show itself, and this year was no different. Between a celebratory demo for the PaRappa the Rapper remaster through to Lara Croft Go and Let It Die, this weekend's fan forum saw quite a few new releases added to the PlayStation Store. Here's everything that's available for you to download right now.

PSX 2016 New Releases

Garou Mark of the Wolves (PS4, Vita)

Lara Croft Go (PS4, Vita)

Let It Die (PS4)

Mother Russia Bleeds (PS4)

PaRappa the Rapper: 20th Anniversary Demo (PS4)

Street Fighter V 2017 Character Pass (PS4 DLC)

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality (PlayStation VR)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS4)

Have you picked up any of these new releases yet? Are you tempted by any of the new wares on offer? Let us know in the comments section below.