Spider-Man PS4 PlayStation 4 1

There's no question that this year has been all about hardware for Sony. There have been many amazing games released in 2016, don't get us wrong – but it's the likes of PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4 Pro that have dominated the headlines. Speaking with Japanese publication 4Gamer, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida acknowledged that, noting that next year will be all about "amazing software".

Outside of Gravity Rush 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn, we still don't really know which of Sony's big first-party published projects will release over the next 12 months; could Spider-Man or God of War sneak into the Fall? Either way, with the hardware already out, it's nice to know that the platform holder's turning its attention back to the games. We're hoping for lots of new virtual reality announcements in the New Year, updates on upcoming titles, and potentially a glimpse at a project yet to be announced like Bloodborne 2.

[source 4gamer.net, via dualshockers.com]