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Well would you look at that; actual reviews for The Last Guardian - an actual game that is actually releasing tomorrow. A few years ago, we were really struggling to believe that this day would come, but here we are, sitting staring at review scores for the long awaited spiritual successor to the masterpiece that is Shadow of the Colossus.

So, has it been worth the near-decade wait? Have critics formed an unshakeable bond with boy and beast? let's find out.

Push Square - Hands On

This is a game so creatively dense, so cleverly put-together that it will stand the test of time for years to come. It's taken a long time, but The Last Guardian has been more than worth the wait.

Eurogamer - Essential

Does The Last Guardian live up to its lineage? Does it do its forebears proud? It does so much more. It is bold enough to step away from their hints and their mysteries and explore its own kind of wonder.

GameSpot - 9/10

When the book closes on their story, it's hard not to open it up again and begin anew. The trials you overcome endear you to both characters, but the emotions Trico elicits make you want to give it another chance--to be the patient, effective partner it truly deserves.

Videogamer - 9/10

Almost a decade in the making, The Last Guardian has issues but will surely go down in history as one of the best love stories in video games.

Jimquisition - 6.5/10

I wish I could say I love the game, that its plagued by only minor setbacks, but I cannot honestly do that. I can't look back at how much time was spent not enjoying myself, at how much time was spent actively wrestling with the game to wring anything worthwhile from it, and say I played the masterpiece many are going to say it is.

Destructoid - 8.5/10

I'm confident in saying that although it isn't their best work, there really aren't too many directors out there like Fumito Ueda, and I hope for our sake, he continues making games.

Are you happy with these scores? Will you be buying The Last Guardian when it launches this week? Grab some fur and hang on in the comments section below.