You'd be reasonable assuming Sony couldn't possibly have anything else up its sleeve to end PSX 2016 with a showstopper. What could possibly top Uncharted: The Lost Legacy or, um, Knack 2? Well, it looks like the developer of the former wasn't content by revealing another chapter in its flagship franchise. Naughty Dog has also turned the page for Ellie and Joel's next adventure in The Last of Us: Part II.

After an overview of a small town overtaken by nature, we see the shaking hand of an unknown figure about to strike a tune on a guitar. If you remember that revealing concept art from long ago of Ellie playing the very same instrument, you'd be correct in assuming it's her. She looks older and even ill in some way, especially since she leaks some blood from her head at one point. While playing Shawn James' Through The Valley, Joel asks her if she's "really willing to go through with this?" She replies that she wants to kill "every last one of them," and we can only assume that she means the Fireflies. But does she know the truth about what Joel did at their facility? It's hard to tell. There's no release date, which makes sense because Shawn Layden made it clear that the game is early in development, but we're confident that we'll see it arrive sometime in 2018.

How shocked were you to see Naughty Dog go up on stage once more to end this conference with a bang? Did you expect Naughty Dog to let sleeping dogs lie with The Last of Us' open ending or continue onward? Spread some Cordyceps in the comments section below.