sfv world champion.jpg

After almost an entire year of regional qualifying events all across the globe and one gruelling final tournament, Street Fighter V's first world champion has been decided.

Unbeaten during the Capcom Cup 2016, which took place over the weekend at the PlayStation Experience, North American combatant NuckleDu - who's just 20-years-old - is now considered the best Street Fighter V player on Earth. Oh, and he's also $230,000 richer than he was before the tournament started. That's quite an achievement.

NuckleDu went up against fellow American Ricki Ortiz in the grand finals of the competition, having already knocked her into the losers bracket when the two met in winners finals. Taking on Ricki's Chun Li with Mika, NuckleDu was able to win by three games to one.

Throughout the entire tournament, NuckleDu never lost more than one game in each of his sets as he alternated between his two best characters, Mika and Guile. In other words, he made the whole thing look reasonably easy.

With Street Fighter V's second season now on the horizon, it'll be interesting to see if NuckleDu can keep up his incredible form in 2017. But for now, all we can do is offer our congratulations to the deserved champion.