Knack was a fine 3D platformer. It stumbled with its story, struggled with repetition, and lacked challenge with its level design, but we think it had a lot of potential to improve. So, it was hard to believe that Mark Cerny's, err, most important legacy would ever receive a sequel, but against all odds, Knack 2 will be building its way to release in 2017.

The trailer shows our eponymous hero traveling to new lands with familiar friends, and we noticed Knack has a couple new moves and ways to platform his way to progression as well. While a smaller part of the first game, co-op seems to be emphasized in this reveal trailer, with a blue version of Knack running and punching alongside his original counterpart.

What do you make of this unexpected sequel? Are you willing to give Knack another chance, or should his underwhelming debut had kept him in pieces in the past? Let us know in the comments section below.