This is it, folks. After months of touring the world, 2016's final Street Fighter V Tournament starts and ends this weekend. Consisting of the world's 32 best players, Capcom Cup 2016 promises ridiculous highs and lows as combatants from across the globe battle for a $350,000 prize pool and, of course, everlasting glory as one of them is crowned this year's greatest Street Fighter V player.

Just about all the big names that you can think of have qualified: Infiltration, NuckleDu, Tokido, Daigo, Justin Wong, GamerBee, Momoichi, Luffy, Ricki Ortiz, Ryan Hart, and a load of others that we don't have the time to write about. If you want to check up on the full tournament bracket, you can click through here.

So, when's it all kicking off? Let's break it down:

Capcom Cup 2016 Schedule

Saturday, 3rd December

18:30PM PST / 21:30PM EST / 02:30AM GMT (Sunday, 4th December) - Top 8 of tournament starts
21:30PM PST / 00:30AM EST / 05:30AM GMT (EST and GMT are Sunday, 4th December) - Tournament ends

Simply put, if you're not on the West coast of North America, then you'd better be prepared for some late nights - or in Europe's case, some early mornings.

Will you be watching? Join us in search of glory in the comments section below.