There are a lot of Japanese games launching in early 2017, but even though the start of the year is looking swamped, we'd recommend keeping an eye on Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star. A hack and slasher that's very Warriors-esque in its structure - featuring interconnected battlefields stuffed with grunts and boss enemies - The Umbral Star is a sequel to PSP title Fate/Extra. Both games stem from Fate/stay night - a property that originated as a visual novel, but was adapted into a manga and an anime. It's all reasonably complicated, and it'd take us a long while to explain how it all works here.

To cut a long news story short, The Umbral Star is launching on PlayStation 4 and Vita next month. It's out in North America on the 17th January, and it comes to Europe on the 20th January. Again, the combat system looks like good fun, and the art style is flashy to say the least. Take a look at the trailer that we've embedded if you don't believe us.

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